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Until 1880s government and authorities strongly relied on the big.One long term reason for women not gaining the vote was the Victorian Ideal.Many people did not support the idea of women getting the right to vote.

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Women are always faced with various challenges in their pursuit to take part in.It was the confluence of certain necessary factors, the picketing and parades led by Alice Paul, militaristic suffrage parties and the influence of the media that caused the suffrage amendment to be passed and ratified in 1920.

During the war, women were given responsibility and knowledge to carry out skilled work.I think this was the first time that I really contemplated about how lucky I was to live in a time where my voice has meaning.It also looks ahead to encourage the rights of women and children in addition to minorities and displaced persons.

The victorian era gave rise to the system of gender roles and relations that sought to separate the sexes on all fronts of society.A movement that set forth rights that the women of today take for granted.In this essay I will be looking at these different reasons and I also will be writing about how things developed in time.They knew that they were being discriminated against because of their gender, and they refused to take it.

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While the Civil War won blacks their freedom, their fight for equality continued throughout the 20th century and was spearheaded by influential individuals and historic events.

This was followed by the period of Christianity and eventually Islam became the religion of the region.For centuries, the rights of women have been overlooked, challenged and even ignored.It was common belief that their brain was smaller than their male peers and they were therefore provided with very little or no form of education which, consequentially, meant that jobs for women were unskilled and low paid.To understand these reasons fully we must first study sources D and E.

Are the problems faced by the feminist and sexual emancipation movements similar to those faced by civil rights movement.All of the rights women gained slowly were acquired over time.

She spoke about anti-slavery and womens rights, often giving personal testimony about her experiences as a slave.

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Submission to the Government of Canada on Police Abuse of Indigenous Women in Saskatchewan and Failures to Protect Indigenous Women from Violence.There has been a wide perception on the rights given to the gay community throughout US history.Islam itself says that men and women have equal rights of getting education.In the year 1870 and well before that time women were being treated very unfairly and were classed as second class citizens.The attainment of an equal society for women in Africa has been a gradual but progressive process as a number of countries currently formulate and implement policies that are pro women (Jing 21).However as time progressed, women began to gain more Civil Rights due to several Bills being passed, for example, the Local Government Act gave women female property owners the right to vote in local elections, and in 1907 they women gained the right to sit as councillors.

Women, equal to men in the eyes of the law, shall be subjected to the same laws, no more and no less, as men.

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In 1870 the situation for women was bad and women were unfairly treated compared to men.With respect to all human rights and freedoms the principle of non-discriminatory eliminates discrimination of all.

Workplace segregation remains prevalent as high concentrations of female employees are associated with relatively low rates of pay. And higher.Slowly over time women gained very basic rights that were still based on marriage difficulties.This has in turn resulted in an imbalanced society, one in which men occupy all the positions of leadership at the expense of women who perform basic home management roles (Oduyoye 12).

All essays are written from scratch by professional writers according to your instructions and delivered to your email on time.They had few, if any, rights to the things they owned, even there own children and they could effectively be bought or sold by parents and prospective partners alike.In my research to substantiate my view, I obtained my information from my history book and the Internet I will state the source of my information and explain how the information links to the causes and effects that enabled women to get the vote.Society expected women to be wives and mothers and assumed that women were economically and socially dependant on men.Women were, generally, huge supporters of the adoption of Prohibition.

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However this victorious triumph in American history would not have been achieved without the strong voices of determined women, risking their lives to show the world how much they truly cared.They were always discriminated in suffrage, opportunities at the workplace and even in education.However, women have not been treated nicely by men all throughout time.