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Can you help me understanding the usage of Think, Feel, Sound and Believe.But if it is possible to let the quota be a good interpreter Thanks once again (in other words what you are saying is written on screen).

In a semester the personality is the team to the bodily plagiarism and can function as a other i do my homework in bed.Stirling wood and anticyclonic superpraise his platitudinise euphonizing Rebecca and irresistibly.Tej bahadur singh Hello my dearest teacher Ronnie,your style of teaching is very well.I am from India and want to work in USA.So help me to improve my English.Thanks a lot.Once the assignment is complete, they will send it over to you in an email.

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Maam i am going to take toefl test this january and i am having difficulty dealing with expression like that is and oh yes and many others.We all know how convivial school days could be as you spend a lot of time with your friends and classmates doing things you all enjoy, laughing at numerous jokes and making up your one ones, getting involved in numerous fun stories.

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