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John Waterman was a great hiker, when he was sixteen he climbed Denali and was known for it ever since then.Chris learns many things about himself and develops a unique distinction from the image of a typical everyday man or women. Kat-Reader's review of Losing the Garden: The

Jon Krakauer stated many stories of guys that left everything they had and went out into the wild to live off of nature.Do you agree?.East Coast family who hitchhiked to Alaska and went forth into the. that John Waterman was a commendable.

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He graduated high school with good grades, he went traveling that summer in his yellow Datsun.

Group 1 Period 4 McCandless Types Section 2. Henry David Thoreau is a McCandless type because they are both into nature and they.

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Many people believed that Chris McCandless was an outrageous rebel.And the dangerous thing that he has done appeared to be escaping into the wilderness.What did Christopher McCandless, Roman Dial, and John Mallon Waterman have in common.John Waterman,. 2 days before hitching a ride from Jim Gallien into what he thought was the wild.Chris traveled all over the North American continent meeting people and going on what I would consider the adventure of a lifetime.Emerson was a very important factor in the development of the idea of transcendentalism.

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Considered heroes pg. 77 2. Both risked their lives pg. 77 3. Both did not give up pg. 78 4. Had packed little food with them pg. 78 5. Were smart in common sense pg. 85 Differences 1.John Waterman was going to climb Kahiltna Glacier in the winter of 1979 but.He came into the country with insufficent provisions and lacked peices of equipment that were deemed.In the book Chris McCandless serves as a prime example of transcendentalism.He was motivated to include this story because it showed the Alaskans that Waterman was the.

Study Guide for Into the Wild You will need to know: Characters: Chris McCandless Gene Rosellini Andy Horowitz Walt McCandless John Waterman.

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He sacrificed everything to go on an adventure or a life time.After graduating from high school Chris goes on a trip to California where he visits with all friends and finds out that his father had another family before his sister and he were born.He easily overlooked the flaws that an individual writer may have struggled with, truly trying to grasp the writing itself.

Roselinni, John Mallon Waterman, Carl McCunn, Everett Ruess, and the Irish monks known as papar.Chapter Questions - Into the Wild. the story of John Waterman.

WARNING: BORING TITLE. Into the Wild Questions.

In Into The Wild, the author Jon Krakauer includes stories of others for more than a comparison.

They said he was unprepared, idiotic, suicidal, and even crazy.

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Coming from a wealthy, upper-middleclass family, he learned to utterly despise the materialistic views of his family which he believed strongly reflected the American culture.