Should animals be used for research argumentative essay

Some of these came from IELTS and other textbooks, others are from websites.Animals have been used for testing and developing new ways for disease treatments.Scientists and doctors recognize that while animals are biologically very similar to human beings, they are not identical.Animals feel as much pain as humans do so why does it make it okay to test on them when they are so alike to humans.

The Humane Society of the United States promotes research methods that can potentially replace, reduce, or refine animal use so that animals experience less suffering.

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Animals should not be used for research argumentative essay

Millions of animals are killed in laboratories everyday with no chance to object to what the testers are about to do to them.

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The findings were that 62% of people would approve of testing if little or no pain was experienced by the animals, while 75% disapprove when severe pain is experienced.Also, it is very debatable whether using animals for such research results in finding a cure for diseases. will contribute to science, animals may be.

It is unlikely that most of the millions of lab animals that are killed yearly will have contributed to saving human life.The Animal Welfare Act enacted in 1966 regulates the care and use of animals in research.Sweabr webmaster, ed. Swaebr. Webmaster, 11 Aug. 2004. Web. 8 Dec. 2012.Essay) Animals should not be used for Scientific Research 2007 Issue Animals should not be utilized for.The practice of using animals for testing has been a controversial issue over the past thirty years.

They have lungs which breathe, hearts which beat, and blood that flows.Using animals as experiments helps develop different treatments and also helps find safer ways for treatments.

The animals should not be used for scientific research

I the three mile island animal rights argumentative essay. farm essay a statistical research essay animals be used.In 1885, after much heart searching, he tried out his rabies vaccine on a nine-year old boy, Joseph Meister, who had been bitten 14 times by a rabid dog.

Should animals be used for research argumentative essay

Tenets of biomedical research argumentative essay writer write.

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There is a moral blind spot in the treatment of animals that enable us to justify the cruelties for the perceived benefits of humans.The theological argument presented by theists and. not a research paper, meaning this essay should primarily.Should animals be used for scientific research essay. using animals should be used in finding a.

This raises issues such as the ethics and humaneness of deliberately poisoning animals, thus harming them, for the sake of marketing a new cosmetic or household product.

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Writing this paper did not affect my original line of thinking in regards to the topic.Using the appeals definitely helped in trying to persuade the reader to acknowledge the opposing view.

She pours liquids used in eyeliner into the eyes of numerous albino rabbits.

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Every day people test makeup, shampoos, and medicines on animals, the strange thing is that animals have different skin, hair, and internal organs than humans have.This paper will present both sides of this issue as well as my own opinion.

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The result basically stated that penicillin could be used as a treatment for penicillin when the mice dosed with penicillin survived.An Argument For Animal Research Medicine has come a very long way since the days when men used to puncture holes into the skull to release tension or evil spirits.Scientist chose these animals because they have a short life span, about 2-3 years.Looking upon the fact that animal testing has developed treatments for bacterial infections, which are a major cause of death, has saved millions of lives.It is obvious why people would be against animal testing in the past, but now technology and new laws have brought us into a new era in which animal testing can be much more humane when it is used.But to treat animals, veterans use fewer doses at less frequent intervals.

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Without animal research, many human beings would now be dead.As human rights are important, animal rights should be important also.How does my argumentative essay sound for animal research,. argumentative essay sound animal research tho:.Animals have been used in medical research for centuries. Essay: Medical Testing On Animals.