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Sheet erosion is harmful since it removes the finer and more fertile top soil. 2. Rill Erosion: This is the second stage of sheet erosion.Crop Rotation: This refers to growing of two or more different crops in sequence in a field for maintaining the soil fertility.They cover over 6 lakh hectares of land in Gwalior, Morena and Bhind districts of Madhya Pradesh, and Agra, Etawah and Jalaun districts of Uttar Pradesh.

ADVERTISEMENTS: Erosion is dependent on the amount, duration, intensity and frequency of rainfall.Soil erosion is a gradual process that occurs when the actions of water, wind, and other factors eat away and wear down the land, causing the soil to deteriorate or.Causes of Soil Erosion: Soil erosion is also referred to as the creeping death.

As erosion progresses, the compact soil of low infiltration capacity is approached.Deforestation is an estimated 18 million hectares of their business accounting through this poem, which was previously enough to.This helps in checking the run-off and also acts as a flood control measure.The removal of soil by running water and wind is known as soil erosion.

As a result of these, the forest cover is lost forever and soil is exposed to erosion.The chhos of northern Haryana and Punjab and the badlands of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, have resulted due to gully erosion on an extensive scale.Plains: Here the erosion is comparatively less than on slopes.

Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Punjab, upto 15 per cent of the total land suffers from soil erosion.Image Source: The rate of removal of fine particles from the surface is the same as the rate of addition of particles to the soil layer.

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Read this Miscellaneous Essay and over 87,000 other research documents.There are many different processes by which soil is removed but the cause is usually the removal of trees and other vegetation that hold the soil together and in place. 1. Topography and Slope of the Land: Hilly Region: Rainfall occurs in torrents and washes away the top layer of the soil.Water erosion which is more serious and occurs extensively in different parts of India takes place mainly in the form of sheet and gully erosion.The ability of the land to supply moisture for plant growth is reduced and the beneficial activity of micro-organisms lessened.A large number of tanks in different parts of the country get silted every year.Notably, it takes a long period of time for soil characteristic to.

Intensive farming and overgrazing accelerate erosion and desertification.Vegetation also acts as a mechanical obstruction to flowing water, thus reducing its erosive potential.This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU.

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This is because the ground gets baked hard and the soil is unable to absorb the water easily. 3. Nature of Soil: Porous soils with good water-absorbing capacity are least subject to erosion, while the impervious soils are gradually eroded by the action of water. 4. The Human Factor: Man and his activities are responsible for soil erosion to a great extent.Deforestation: Removal of vegetation cover has caused widespread erosion in Western Ghats, Uttar Pradesh and in Himachal Pradesh. 2. Faulty Cultivation Methods: For instance, in the Nilgiris, land has been opened for cultivation of tuber crops like potatoes and ginger without undertaking anti-erosive measures like terracing of slopes.

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Water Harvesting: This refers to trapping or channeling of water into low-lying areas.

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The effects of erosion are visible on the ground surface and the rate of soil loss is greater than the rate of soil formation.At an advanced stage, gullies result in ravines, which are sometimes 50 to 100 feet deep.Soil Essays: Over 180,000 Soil Essays, Soil Term Papers, Soil Research Paper, Book Reports. 184 990 ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access.Soil erosion is one of the major concerns of modern agriculture throughout the world.Effects of Soil Erosion by Farms on the Environment and Some Solutions Traci Kramer Harrisburg Area Community College Table of Contents Abstract.

Interesting Facts About Wind Erosion That Everyone Should Know.The Kosi river in Bihar is reported to have changed its course westwards by 100 km within the last 100 years. 7. Sea Shore Erosion: This type of erosion is caused by the striking action of strong waves.

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Sheet erosion takes place on lower lands after heavy shower and the soil removal is not easily noticeable.

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Such faulty cultivation methods have caused soil erosion—landslides are a common feature in these areas. 3. Shifting Cultivation: An ecologically destructive and uneconomic cultivation method is slash and burn or shifting cultivation which is practised in hill areas of North-East, Chhotanagpur, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.Erosion is the process by which materials are removed from the surface and transported to another location.

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This free Environmental Studies essay on Essay: Soil and nutrients is perfect for Environmental Studies students to use as an example.

In India ravines cover about 10 million hectares. 5. Slip Erosion: Landslides cause slip erosion— big masses of soil and rock slip down, thus damaging the fields in the foothills and causing obstructions in communication.

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Sometimes such a balance is disturbed by natural or human factors, leading to a greater rate of removal of soil.