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The process paper and annotated bibliography are an important part of National History Day projects.

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For the history fair, we were intstructed to pick a point in time that changed history.History Fair Process Paper.pdf HISTORY FAIR PROCESS PAPER If you want to have a destination search and find the appropriate manuals for your products.

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All projects are required to include an annotated bibliography.

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The following links provide a survey of some of the work being produced by students from on across the country.His teacher had left him with some words of encouragement to glorify God.

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All projects except the research paper are required to include a process paper.Visit our new interactive website to learn about wartime technical and scientific advances that forever changed our world.View Essay - History Fair Process Paper from APUSH 101 at Northern High School.LeBor relies on a great deal of unclassified primary documents, and his book gave me a great framework for my research.This will help the judges in determining how balanced your research was and in determining the depth of your reading into the sources.

A process paper is a description. than in some of the other categories.You should state the main idea of the source, the most important evidence that was offered to support the main idea, and how the source influenced your project.First of all, the process of choosing what kind of project we wanted to.A process paper describes to a reader how to do something or how something occurs.Third section should explain how you selected your presentation category and created your project.

However, it is important to not make your annotations too long.

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The process paper must also explain the relationship of your topic to the.Student write about their work, the process, how they found what they found, and what inspired them.

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I chose my topic by searching the internet for major turning points in history.

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History Fair Topic: The Beatles and the British Invasion Group members: Morgan Chain, Allie Hallman, Mickayla Bradley-Filmon Project Type: Group Website.It is valuable to the judges because it lets them see how you started your research, chose your category, and created your project.

I decided to choose my topic on Martin Luther King jr. for many reasons.Process Paper Why I chose this topic: When looking upon ideas for History Fair my partner and I came across the name Rachel Carson.

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